2019 OCP Global Summit


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    March 14 - 15, 2019
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    San Jose, CA
    San Jose Convention Center
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InBand Network Telemetry an Open and Multi-platform
Network Analytics for Disaggregated Data-Centers

Friday, March 15 • 9:30am - 9:42am
Marriott Salon IV

Modern data-centers use high-density L2 and L3 topologies to accommodate heterogeneous mission critical applications. In such an environment visibility is essential to reliably operate and manage the networking elements. We present an open framework called “Inband Network Telemetry” (INT). In INT each network element (e.g. a SmartNIC or a Barefoot Network switch) can be programmed to insert metadata about the network state in the packet as it traverses the network. This enables visibility on all traffic (e.g. Compute, Storage/RDMA) carried over ethernet for transient issues due to bottlenecks, failures or configuration errors. In such a solution machine learning techniques can be used to Baseline Network Performance (Path and Latency), match patterns of behavior and correlate phenomena. Such techniques can be used to promptly react to network issues or predict and anticipate problems.

SONiC Deployments Powered by Programmable

Friday, March 15 • 3:30pm - 3:55pm
Marriott Salon IV

Since the initial announcement at 2016 OCP Summit, SONiC’s popularity has increased tremendously. An expanded feature set and a diverse set of trials and deployments were made possible through a vibrant open source community. However, the potential of open source networking software such as SONiC has not been fully realized before the introduction of programmable silicon. In this session, we will discuss real world SONiC trials and deployments on top of programmable networking silicon. We will focus on network designs and use-cases around telemetry, distributed storage and scalable tunneling.

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