Barefoot Networks’ website and associated applications and programs will be integrated into the Intel environment October 23rd. Through you will have a single location to find all the information and programs you are using today. Redirects will be put in place to ensure continuous access to sites before October 23rd.


Why Partner with Barefoot

Barefoot is working with industry leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) (whitebox / britebox) and baremetal switch operating systems. All of them are realizing one simple truth: fully programmable and flexible hardware driven by intelligent software is critical to realizing a next generation cloud-ready network. We invite you to partner with us and transform networking for your customers.

Original Device Manufacturer (ODM)

Barefoot Networks is pleased to work with leading ODM whitebox and britebox vendors to further disaggregate networking by decoupling datapath intelligence from switch silicon. Please select one of the vendors to learn more:

Smart NIC Vendors

Barefoot is collaborating with multiple Smart NIC vendors to extend some of the key P4 Applications (for example In-band Network Telemetry) at the edge of the network. Here below are the Smart NIC technology partners Barefoot is proud to work with:

Baremetal Switch OS

Barefoot Networks is pleased to work with a number of baremetal switch operating systems and fabric solutions to bring the power of flexible dataplane to the masses.

Technology Integrators

In order to bring custom networking and advanced applications solutions based on P4-programmable data planes to more end-users, Barefoot Networks is collaborating with select technology integrators. These integrators offer expertise in P4 development, control plane integration and system validation using Barefoot-based ODM switches.