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Second-generation of World’s fastest P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs

Over the recent years, networks have grown in ways that were previously unimaginable. The proliferation of hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud networks, the increased sophistication of networks due to the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads, and the widespread adoption of distributed applications have combined to make networks more agile and responsive to their users. With this evolution has come the unprecedented adoption of virtual machines, containers, bare-metal, serverless and real-time applications. However, this increasing sophistication has created new demands on network architects to create networks that not only support ever-increasing data throughput but also deliver full visibility and accelerate application workloads.

Introducing Barefoot TofinoTM 2, the next-generation of world’s first end-user programmable Ethernet switch. It is built using the same Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) as its predecessor the Barefoot TofinoTM and maintains full P4-programmability.


TofinoTM 2 builds on the breakthrough performance, programmability and field-proven architecture of TofinoTM, the industry’s first-ever P4-programmable network switching ASIC. Processing packets at 12.8 Tbps in 7nm process technology, TofinoTM 2 delivers double the performance while maintaining full P4-programmability, making it the best choice for meeting the needs of hyperscale data centers, cloud and service provider networks today and into the next decade.

The following series are available in the TofinoTM 2 family:

tofino graph 1

The breakthrough performance and P4-programmability make TofinoTM 2 the best choice for building networks that not only meet today’s needs but also seamlessly scale to meet tomorrow’s needs. Not only that the applicability of the TofinoTM 2 family is wide-ranging from Hyperscale cloud to Service Provider networks, Enterprise to High Performance Compute.

tofino graph 2

TofinoTM 2 and TofinoTM also remain the world’s only fully programmable switching chips, allowing network architects to replace legacy fixed-function switches and create an unlimited array of network functions that for decades were outside the realm of possibilities.

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